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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Rogue Construct Information


Our really useful Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue construct gives you all of the motion factors you’ll ever want in fight, permitting you to make use of many of the class’s important talents multi function flip. We’re right here to indicate you probably the greatest methods to construct a Thief Rogue on this Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue finest construct information.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue construct information – Thief

We’re going with a Thief construct right here due to how a lot freedom it provides your Rogue in varied conditions. You’ll be capable to assault as much as 3 times per flip, or use your bonus actions for motion and hiding everytime you see match. We even have a Rogue class information that gives ideas for character creation.

Simply to be clear, we averted multiclassing on this construct, however you possibly can all the time respec and alter courses in the event you’d quite go along with a barely totally different Rogue as a substitute.

Rogue Construct Abstract

This construct will flip your Rogue right into a twin wielder to make the most of these three assaults we talked about above–one with the primary hand, and two with the off hand. You’ll even have excessive motion to achieve distant targets, together with the power to move troublesome stealth checks to maintain your Benefit when attacking. Your excessive initiative may even be sure that you’re all the time one of many first characters to behave when fight begins.

  • Race: Wooden Elf, Half-Elf, or Drow
  • Background: Charlatan, Felony, or Urchin for any mixture of Deception, Stealth, and Sleight of Hand
  • Talents: 8 STR, 17 DEX, 14 CON, 13 INT, 13 WIS, 10 CHA
  • Weapons: Twin-wielding rapiers, scimitars, shortswords, daggers, and hand crossbows
  • Armor: Solely mild armor

Rogues do their finest work when attacking from stealth as a result of it provides them Benefit on assault rolls, they usually’re in a position to move stealth checks with relative ease. And when you might have Benefit, you acquire entry to the strongest Rogue abilities – Sneak Assault (Melee) and Sneak Assault (Ranged). You need to be utilizing Sneak Assault as typically as potential when attacking.

Rogues may even assault from stealth inside enemy imaginative and prescient cones after passing checks.

Rogue Leveling Development

Stage 2

Class Actions:

  • Crafty Motion: Cover – Cover from enemies by succeeding Stealth checks. Keep on with the darkish and keep away from enemy sightlines. Attacking or casting a spell will reveal your location.
  • Crafty Motion: Sprint – Cowl extra distance this flip: double your motion pace.
  • Crafty Motion: Disengage – Retreat safely: shifting received’t provoke Alternative Assaults.

Stage 3

At Stage 3, you possibly can decide a subclass–this is the place you select to grow to be a Thief. As a Thief, you instantly acquire a second bonus motion and resistance to fall injury.

Subclass Options:

  • Quick Arms: Acquire and a further bonus motion.
  • Second-Story Work: You’ve mastered the artwork of falling and acquire resistance to Falling injury.

Stage 4

At Stage 4, you possibly can select a Feat–this is the place you might have the choice to go along with Twin Wielding or acquire two additional capability factors with Skill Enchancment. We suggest selecting Twin Wielding right here since you possibly can already acquire one additional capability level by defeating Auntie Ethel to deliver your DEX as much as 18.

You’ll nonetheless be capable to decide Skill Enchancment sooner or later, however Twin Wielding will can help you dual-wield non-light weapons, elevating your injury output. That is the way you’ll dual-wield rapiers.


  • Twin Wielding: You should use Two-Weapon Preventing even when your weapons aren’t Mild, and also you acquire a +1 bonus to Armour Class whereas wielding a melee weapon in every hand. You can not dual-wield Heavy weapons.
We recommend that you choose the Dual Wielder Feat when you reach Level 4 as a Thief.
We suggest that you just select the Twin Wielder Feat whenever you attain Stage 4 as a Thief.

Stage 5

Class Function:

  • Uncanny Dodge: Use your lightning-quick reflexes to guard your self. When an assault hits you, you solely take half the standard injury.

Stage 6

At Stage 6, you’re ready to decide on two extra ability proficiencies. We selected Persuasion and Acrobatics to assist with dialogue choices and traversal exterior of fight. Any mixture of Persuasion, Deception, Acrobatics, and Notion works as nicely.

Talent Proficiencies:

  • Persuasion: Activate the attraction. Coax and cajole.
  • Acrobatics: Hold your stability. Land in your ft. Helps you resist being shoved.

Stage 7

Class Function:

  • Evasion: Your agility allows you to dodge out of the way in which of sure spells. When a spell of impact would deal half injury on a profitable Dexterity Saving Throw, it offers no injury in the event you succeed, and solely half injury in the event you fail.

Stage 8

At Stage 8, you get to pick out one other Feat, which is what we talked about earlier when suggesting Twin WIelding at Stage 4. This time, select Skill Enchancment and put each factors into DEX because it’s your foremost stat as a Rogue.

You can even put one level into DEX and the opposite into one other capability in case your DEX reaches both 18 or 20 after one additional level. You solely obtain bonuses on even numbers, so don’t hassle pushing DEX to simply 19 until you’re positive it might ultimately attain 20.


  • Skill Enchancment: You improve one Skill by 2, or two Talents by 1, to a most of 20.
Ability Improvement brings DEX to 19, and Auntie Ethel's boon bumps it up to 20.
Skill Enchancment brings DEX to 19, and Auntie Ethel’s boon bumps it as much as 20.

Stage 9

Class Motion:

  • Supreme Sneak: Mix into the atmosphere so utterly that you just grow to be Invisible (lasts 10 turns). Invisibility ends early in the event you assault, solid one other spell, take an motion, or take injury.

Stage 10

At Stage 10, you possibly can select one other Feat–this time, we advise you decide both Fortunate or Cellular. The previous can flip poor cube rolls into optimistic ones, and the latter is an especially helpful motion buff. We determined to go along with Fortunate, which replenishes after an extended relaxation.


  • Fortunate: You acquire 3 Fortunate Factors, which you should utilize to achieve Benefit on Assault Rolls, Skill Checks, or Saving Throws, or to make an enemy reroll their Assault Rolls.

Stage 11

Class Function:

  • Dependable Expertise: While you make an Skill Test with a Talent you might be Proficient in, the bottom end result you possibly can roll on the die is 10.

Stage 12

At Stage 12, you possibly can select one ultimate Feat, and we advise selecting whichever one you didn’t decide at Stage 10. For us, that will be the Cellular Feat.


  • Cellular: Your motion pace will increase, and troublesome terrain doesn’t gradual you down whenever you Sprint. In the event you transfer after making a melee assault, you don’t provoke Alternative Assaults out of your goal.

That is our really useful construct for a Thief Rogue in Baldur’s Gate 3 with none multiclass deviations. There are many different choices as you acquire ranges in the event you resolve to multiclass as a Ranger or Fighter, however for this information, we saved the construct as targeted as potential.

We now have many extra guides that will help you by Baldur’s Gate 3, together with romance choices, quest steerage, construct solutions, and extra. Discover every thing in our Baldur’s Gate 3 hub.

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